Backward Jive, a Character Poem

We live in a world with a backward jive, the righteous die while the bankrupt thrive. If that’s what it takes so I’ll survive, I’ll put on a sneer and stay alive.     Thank your God you’re not in my path. If you were, you’d feel my wrath. You’d crumble to pieces, and I’dContinue reading “Backward Jive, a Character Poem”

A Letter Taped to the Front Door

A Letter Taped to the Front Door For Whomever it May Concern (you know just who you are), We’ve been informed that you’ve misstepped (you know you’ll lose this war). The paint you used was creamy white, we requested antique. You’ve also yet to pay the postage for our last critique. To add on thatContinue reading “A Letter Taped to the Front Door”

Blog: Welcome to Ian Hoyman Poetry

Hi! Welcome to my poetry blog. In this website I’ll be posting poems as I write them, along with possible updates. A few of them might be older. I was recently accepted into the Poetry Society of Colorado. My favorite form of poetry is in iambic octameter, with a simple rhyming scheme. I often writeContinue reading “Blog: Welcome to Ian Hoyman Poetry”