The Small Things

Remember a time when you had a nice drink,

some cocoa that warmed you in bed.

Did you savor the moment and stop all the rest?

Or did other stuff come up instead?


When you see the same things thousands of times

they begin losing their weight.

What you smell, what you touch, what you feel, what you think

you merely love or you hate.


The meaning of things has fallen aside

as spite is but a remark;

and with that we lose the power of small—

that sap that is sweet in the bark.


A soup in the winter is not worth your love

and a movie is not worth your scorn,

but that soup might be worth a smile and warmth

and that movie’s forgotten by morn’.


When you think that that coffee was vile and crass

and that text that you got meant the world,

remember the things that warrant those words

and the small things might soon be unfurled.

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