A Letter Taped to the Front Door

A Letter Taped to the Front Door

For Whomever it May Concern (you know just who you are),

We’ve been informed that you’ve misstepped (you know you’ll lose this war).

The paint you used was creamy white, we requested antique.

You’ve also yet to pay the postage for our last critique.

To add on that your grass has grown, it’s now an inch too long.

We know you have a life and kids but failing that is wrong.

Another time you’ve crossed our path; you’ve made us mad again.

You like those kids and wife you’ve got? We know the rooms they’re in.

Because of this we hencetoforth and therefore do cite thine.

Our legal jargon’s big and scary, pay your stupid fine.

We don’t care what you think and feel, we do love being petty.

From us, the not-so-kindly-yours,

The HOA Committee

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