Ian Hoyman Poetry

Of Everything

Of everything to unite us, why must we crumble over naught?

Of everything we have in our hearts, why must we continue to fight?

There are so many things we have that combines us, from passion to caring to peace,

so many things that we have to call each other human.

Why can’t we see that there’s human in all?

Why can’t we see that we’re a similar kind,

with mothers and fathers and people we care for

and morals that we hold so closely.

We all want to see the human race flourish

and we all want to keep ourselves safe.

We all want to see our heroes rewarded,

and we all want to see our home thrive.

None of us want for those who are evil to triumph,

but we all see it in our own, individual ways.

And none of us want for people to suffer,

but there will always be many in pain.

All of us yearn for a happier future,

but our quirks keep getting in the way.

Perhaps it is time to set down the pitchforks

and find it in ourselves to learn about each other.

If we continue to fight we continue to burn

although we all want the same thing.

But for me, the enemy is, and always will be

that hatred we can’t seem to quench.

Poetry of Philosophy and Life

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